MHacks: Hacker Boards

Stuck after these work-throughs? Want to learn more? Check these out, or give Google a workout!

ESP8266 as Web Server

You can get more functionality out of your ESP8266 - such as the ability to use it as a server! - by flashing it with the NodeMCU firmware, and then writing code in Lua, a scripting language for hardware. This is a good reference on NodeMCU, and this is a brief, good reference on how to Lua code for the ESP8266.

Board documentation

The Hacker Boards' development history since November can be seen in the hacker-boards-refactor GitHub repository, and the hacker-boards-eight GitHub repository. The boards are broadly inspired by the great Adafruit HUZZAH ESP8266 boards.

Original Presentation

These development boards were presented at the MHacks: Refactor, MHacks 8, and MHacks 9 Hardware Workshops, in a slide presentation that covers much of the content of the Basics and Networking pages. That presentation can be found on Google Drive.